October 20, Solukhumbu: Ten people, including foreign tourists, have been stranded on the way back from Mera Peak in the Solukhumbu district due to inclement weather.

On Tuesday, four climbers were stranded at Merala Odar (5700), four at High Camp (5800), and two at Base Camp (5300) due to bad weather. One of the four-stranded in Merala was British national Steve Sian and the other guides from Solukhumbu were Pasang Chhiring, Cheten Sherpa, and Pasang Sherpa.

Similarly, one foreign tourist, two unnamed persons including Purna Thapa Magar, and two other unnamed persons have been stranded at the base camp. They are stranded in the Merapik area due to continuous rain and snow.

According to the expedition leader, They are safe but need to be rescued as soon as possible. Despite the inclement weather, a team of climbing guides was sent twice to rescue them, but they have not been able to clear the snow.

Those in high camps and base camps have stored food, but those trapped in the Merala cave have no food. They have been trapped in the area since 3 pm on Tuesday.

A hotelier in the Khare area said that they could not rescue him immediately by helicopter as it was unfavorable. Chief District Officer of Solukhumbu Ganesh Bikram Shahi said that they will be rescued as the weather becomes favorable

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