From 1953 until the spring of 2022, nearly 13,000 individuals have successfully climbed the eight 8,000-meter-high mountains in Nepal. The latest official data reports that the number of climbers who have reached these summits is 12,995. However, the exact number of climbers is likely to be higher since the Tourism Department has not yet updated the records after the autumn of 2022. The total number of climbers is expected to exceed 13,000 once the records are updated.

Nepal is home to eight of the world’s 14 mountains with a height of 8,000 meters. Among these, Everest is the most frequently climbed mountain. As of the spring season of 2022, 7,621 individuals have successfully climbed this iconic peak. The first successful ascent of Everest was made by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary from Nepal on May 29, 1953.

The number of successful climbers on other peaks in Nepal is as follows: 551 on Kanchenjunga, 121 on Lhotse, 673 on Makalu, 638 on Dhaulagiri, 407 on Annapurna-1, 14 on Cho Oyu, and 2,716 on Manaslu. These mountains are challenging and require significant preparation and experience to climb successfully.

Climbing these peaks is a significant achievement and requires tremendous effort, skill, and perseverance. Each climber who successfully summits these peaks contributes to the rich history and culture of mountaineering in Nepal. The stunning landscapes and breathtaking views from the summits of these peaks make the journey even more rewarding for those who dare to undertake this challenge.

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