February, 01,2023: January, which is considered the off-season for tourist activities in Nepal, the arrival of tourists has been encouraging. According to the data of the Nepal Tourism Board, 55 thousand 74 tourists came to Nepal in January 2023. Winter is not considered a tourist season in Nepal. On the other hand, Chinese citizens are not allowed to visit Nepal. Director of the board Maniraj Lamichhane said that this arrival seen in this situation is encouraging. A good number of tourists have come from Australia this month.

Most of the tourists are Indians. This is the number of tourists who came by air. Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in Nepal, the most number of tourists have come this year in the month of January. According to the board, 16,436 tourists came in January 2022. In 2021 only 8 thousand 674 tourists came in this month. In January 2020, 79 thousand 702 and 81 thousand 273 tourists came in January 2019.

According to statistics, only 16,436 tourists from India came to Nepal in January 2023.

According to the data, 6 thousand 561 people came to Nepal from America. 3 thousand 441 tourists from Australia and 2 thousand 468 tourists from Bangladesh have come to Nepal.