December 01, 2022: Tourist arrivals in Nepal have reached an average of 49 thousand 656 people per month. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, a total of 546,216 tourists have come to Nepal on 2022 till the month of November 2022.

According to this, 49 thousand 656 tourists come to Nepal every month. In the last 6 months, the arrivals are increasing every month.

In one month of November 2022, 72 thousand 653 tourists have come to Nepal. In 2019, the impact of Covid was not on tourism. This is a 55.76 percent recovery compared to 2019. In 2019, the effects of Covid were not on tourism. In November 2019, 130,002 tourists came to Nepal.

In October 2022, 85 thousand 226 tourists came to Nepal according to the immigration data.

According to statistics, only 20,832 tourists from India came to Nepal in November 2022. 7 thousand 831 tourists from the USA came to Nepal this month.

5 thousand 165 people came from UK and 3,375 people came from Australia. This month, 2,218 tourists came from Bangladesh while 2,441 tourists came from Thailand.

According to the immigration data, 2,292 and 2,561 tourists came to Nepal from Germany and France respectively.

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