November 25, Kathmandu: Advit Golechha a 4 year old boy from Hyderabad india claims to become the youngest child to reach everest base camp.He was Accompanied by his mother and his uncle.

Advit started the trek on October 28 and reach everest base camp on  November 6.

According to his mother Shweta Golechha other people on the trail was amazed by seeing the child is walking so much.There was some problem on his leg on the last day to reach the everest base camp but he pushed himself and reached the everest base camp.

His parents parents took him to Manali for two weeks to accilimate him in high altitudes.

His parents started training him since very early.He used to climb up to the 15th floor on his family flat on Abu Dabi.

He has also set the records on 3 years old identifying 195 countries by their Flag.

youngest to reach everest base camp