a foreign national has gone missing while trekking in the Everest (Sagarmatha) region. The last time he entered Namache Bazar checkpoint to set out for the challenging journey to the Everest Base Camp according to Anil Mishra, the diligent Information Officer of the District Police Office located in Solukhumbu.

The missing individual is a 76-year-old doctor from Germany by the name of Sachar James.

According to Anil Mishra, this concerning disappearance has raised serious questions regarding the safety and well-being of Sachar James. The fact that he chose to explore the Everest region without the assistance of a guide has compounded the challenges of locating him. The rugged terrain and unpredictable conditions of the area only add to the urgency of the situation.

The local police have been diligently engaged in search and rescue operations, working tirelessly to uncover any leads that could shed light on the whereabouts of Sachar James. In addition to their ground efforts, Mishra mentioned that helicopter companies have also joined the mission to assist in this critical search operation. These companies are not only providing their aerial capabilities but are also actively requesting any pertinent data and information that could aid in the search.

The disappearance of Sachar James in the Everest region has generated deep concern and a shared hope that he will be located safely and swiftly. Authorities, rescue teams, and concerned citizens are working collaboratively to ensure his safe return.

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News Source: S.F.M