January 08, 2023: The ‘Tasilapcha Pass’ footpath, which is the alternative footpath to Everest base camp, has been opened. The route to Mount Everest is opened through Tasilapcha Pass through Rolwaling Valley. With the opening of this route, which is very difficult to go across the mountains, it will become an option for those who want to trek through Rolwaling Valley to Everest.

Although this 5,700-meter high trail was opened a long time ago, it was difficult for foreign tourists to travel due to a lack of management. The movement of foreign tourists has also increased in the Rolwaling Valley after the Covid-19 after the construction of the footpath under ‘The Great Himalayan Trails’.The high Himalayan Everest-Rolwaling Tasilapcha trail is considered to be the main one under “The Great Himalayan Trails” which includes the main 10 trails of the country. Guides consider the Tasilapcha trail very attractive to see the different languages, cultures, and lifestyles of the Himalayan region.

image source:Kedar siwakoti

Yangti Sherpa, the tourism assistant of the conservation area, said that a large number of foreign tourists have come to Rolwaling Valley after Covid-19.” According to the data of the protected area, about 1,200 foreign tourists have reached the Rolwaling area in 2022,” she said, “we have not kept the data of additional tourists who have received approval from the tourism department. Half of those who came have gone to Everest through Tasilapcha pass. She said that with the construction of the Tasilapcha Pass footpath, more tourists are expected to increase in 2023, after the construction of accommodation facilities for tourists.

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image source: Kedar siwakoti

The Tasilapcha trail connects to Solukhumbu’s Thame via Chho-Rolpa Himtal and Dudhkund in Rolwaling Valley.

Similarly, Dawachiring Sherpa, chairman of the Tasilapcha Pathway Construction Committee, said that stone, was cut out and iron ladders and soft wire ropes were placed in the difficult path of a footpath. According to him, in the past, foreign tourists and local guides, and porters used to cross the Tasilapcha pass to enter the Khumbu region. Later, the facility of direct air travel from Kathmandu was added for the Khumbu region.

image source: Kedar siwakoti