Today is September 27, the 42nd World Tourism Day. To spread the message of resumption of tourism activities within the Annapurna Conservation Area, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Area Conservation Office, Jomsom organized a welcome program for tourists on the occasion of World Tourism Day on Monday.

The Annapurna Conservation Area Project – ACAP has organized a tourist reception to spread the message that the second variant of the Corona is becoming synonymous and most of the people here have been vaccinated with the covid vaccine, said Rishi Baral, head of ACAP Jomsom. According to him, there will be no restriction to visit Annapurna Conservation Area by adopting health security standards.

Speaking on the occasion of World Tourism Day, Chief District Officer of Mustang, Srinath Baral, said that entry to Mustang is open to tourists on the basis of vaccination card and corona report for prevention and control of corona. Eleven French tourists and three Indian tourists, who arrived in Jomsom on a flight from Kathmandu on Monday, were welcomed with food, and flowers by the ACAP team. According to ACAP, 11 French tourists who arrived in Mustang by air on Monday are scheduled to visit Upper Mustang while three Indians are scheduled to return after visiting Muktinath.

According to ACAP, five foreign tourists who came to Mustang a week ago have already visited Upper Mustang. similarly, on Sunday, 10 Indian tourists visited Muktinath, said, the tourism assistant at ACAP. According to him, 31 foreign tourists from SAARC and foreign countries visited Mustang from September 20 to September 27.