December 28, Bajhang: Even after 70 years of human connection with the mountain, the 7,031 meter-high Saipal mountain has not been successfully climbed yet. Attempts by a team of 37 people, including climbers, to climb Saipafour years back failed.

Saying that mountaineering is concentrated only in the eastern region, the tourism entrepreneur had taken the initiative to climb Saipal Himal in 2075 BS. Twenty climbers from three expeditions teams had taken permission from the tourism department to climb the mountain. According to the Sherpa guide, four Sherpas and two Spanish climbers reached the 5,500 meters and returned.

“It was a technically difficult mountain, so we were forced to return because of our lack of preparation,” he said. He believes that if the climber is capable, the climb will be successful. The Sherpa guide said that the first ascent was not successful as four local women and other climbers could not go even though the road was paved with 1,200 meters of rope.

Guides have found that if a group of capable climbers climbs alpine, the climb will be successful.

The locals had welcomed the last mountaineer in Chainpur, the district headquarters of Bajhang, saying that it would be the first ascent in the far west. A team of 37 members and locals had gone to the base camp.

Mt saipal