February 03, 2023: The discussion regarding the conservation of the rare one-horned rhinoceros is starting today in Chitwan. High officials of five Asian countries will participate in the discussion. Discussions are going to be held in Chitwan for three days in the ‘Third Rhino Range Country Meeting’.

According to Dr. Ganesh Pant, Information Officer of the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Department, high officials from Nepal, India, Bhutan, Indonesia, and Malaysia is participating in the meeting. He informed that the Joint Secretary of the Ministry will participate in the meeting along with the Director General of the Parks and Forest Department from Nepal.

Along with this, experts related to rhinos from other countries will also participate, he informed. Field staff will participate as observers. According to him, experts will share working papers and experiences.

The largest number of one-horned rhinos in the world is found in India and Nepal respectively. It is said that the future plans will be decided after a comprehensive discussion on the challenges faced in its protection. Earlier, the first meeting was held in Indonesia and the second meeting was held in Delhi, India.

Recently two rhinos were found dead in Chitwan.