April 12, Kathmandu: The first casualty of the climbing season 2022 was recorded at Mt Dhaulagiri as the renowned greek climber died while descending from the summit point early in the morning said the source at base camp.

According to the source, he felt ill while descending from the summit at an altitude of 7400m at around 4:00 am Nepal Time.

Sykaris died due to exhaustion after the summit. As soon as he showed signs of exhaustion, four Nepali climbers were sent to bring him down safely, but he died before they could reach him source added.

He scaled Mt Dhaulagiri along with Dawa Sherpa on Monday.

It is unclear whether Sykaris was climbing without supplementary O2 or whether Camp 3 had any emergency oxygen supplies. 

Dawa Sherpa is also waiting for rescue on camp III. The rescue team has already mobilized for him. The team is also collecting body from high camp. A family member of the climber is already informed about the incident.

On Friday he asked the meteorologist for a fair-weather forecast. He was informed that Monday can be summit day.

on Saturday without proper rest, he left for upper camp and reached camp II in 12 hours skipping Camp I.

Dawa Sherpa and Antonios Sykaris reached Camp III on Sunday taking 11 hours.

On Monday they summit Dhaulagiri at around 12:40 pm Nepal time. He was feeling ill from this day.

The incident happened on Tuesday.

Sykaris was 60 years old and had 32 years of mountaineering and climbing experience.

He already climbed five 8000 m mountains including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Lhotse, and Annapurna, at altitudes above 8,000 meters. Sykaris had attempted Dhaulagiri three times before, in 1998, 2018, and in 2021

Antonis, who has been climbing since 1990, has so far participated in 66 expeditions. he had also led 12 expeditions.

 He climbed 50 mountains above 2,000 meters and 63 mountains above 4,000

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