November 29, 2022: The world’s major tourist destination, the Everest region, is slowly becoming deserted. With the end of the tourist season and the onset of cold weather, the Khumbu area is becoming deserted.

Airports, hotels, lodges, camping sites, roads, and sightseeing spots, which were packed with tourists until some time ago, have now become deserted.

Lamakaji Sherpa, a tourism businessman, said that only a limited number of tourists can be found on the narrow road, which is blocked during the season.

According to the data obtained from the office of Sagarmatha National Park, in the last week, 1,390 tourists have entered and 2,107 have left Khumbu. Manoj Mandal, the information officer of the park, informed us that the number of tourists entering Khumbu is now low. The office of the park said that with the decrease in the number of tourists, the employees of the park check post have also become relaxed.

Since it is very busy during the season, most businessmen and hotel operators go out to visit after the season is over. As tourism is the main source of income for the citizens of this region, they have become leisurely after the end of the season.

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