February 08: Australia has decided to open its borders to tourists and other visa holders after nearly two years. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that tourists who have received the full dose of the anti-covid vaccine will be allowed to enter their country from February 21.”If you have received both doses, we are ready to welcome you,” Morrison said.

Australia has long barred foreign nationals from entering the country following the outbreak of Covid-19. The latest decision of the government has been welcomed by various sectors including education.

“After about two years, it has been decided to admit foreign tourists,” said Prime Minister Morrison after a meeting on national security. He said the decision was made to allow all types of visa holders to come to Australia.

Australia has banned foreign tourists from entering the country since March 2020 to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Australia has admitted some international students and workers since last December due to a recent shortage of workers, even in the most urgent areas.

Covid-19 infections have been confirmed in 2.7 million people in Australia so far Of those, 4,248 have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. According to the latest government figures, around 80 percent of Australians have already received both doses of the vaccine.

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