Sep 12, 2023: Nepal’s autumn climbing season is gearing up, with numerous teams embarking on their treks to the mountain bases. The Department of Tourism reports that 28 teams, comprising 284 individuals, have secured permits for this year’s autumn climbing season.

As of September 8, citizens from 44 different countries have obtained permission to tackle the challenging peaks of Nepal. Among the most sought-after destinations this season, Manaslu stands out with an anticipated surge in climbers. An impressive 266 climbers have already secured permits to ascend Manaslu this autumn.

Chinese climbers lead the way in terms of permits issued, with a total of 67 permits granted for various mountains this season. Following closely are American climbers with 30 permits and Russian climbers with 26 permits.

Aside from Manaslu, other sought-after peaks include Raksha Urai, Putha Huinchuli, Kumbakarna, Himlung Himal, and Nemjung, as numerous teams set their sights on conquering these majestic summits.

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