August 31,2022: The body of a German man who went missing in the Alps while hiking alone since 1990 found on a glacier near Zermatt in Switzerland according to various reports.

At the end of July mountaineers discovered the body, along with hiking equipment on the Stockji glacier. According to Swiss police shrinking of Glacier helped unearth the body of the man.

Authorities then carried out DNA testing and confirmed this week that the remains were those of a 27-year-old from the town of Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg.

At the age of 27 he went missing. In August 1990, the deceased was on a multi-day mountain tour in the Valais Alps from Chamonix, France, to Domodossola, Italy. Rescue efforts were initiated when he did not arrive at his destination but he was not found.

Mountaineer Luc Lechanoine said in an interview with the Switzerland times, he and a fellow climber was on tour of the Stockji glacier while they spotted several coloured things on a stone and became worried.

“It was clear to us that these things do not have a natural origin. So we decided to take a closer look at these items. So we went down, also to find out if there was still someone there and if we could help them,” Lechanoine said.

Near it they found the man body along with equipment.

“The clothes were neon coloured and in the style of the 80s,” the hiker said, adding that the body was mummified and slightly damaged “but still complete.”

The group descended to Zermatt where they provided police with a photo and the exact location, which helped authorities quickly retrieve the body.


Source: Agency