August 23, 2022: An Israeli man fell to death while climbing Mt. Rinjani, an active volcano few days ago.

Times of Israel reported that Rescue teams recovered the body after three days of incident. He was was identified as Boaz Ben-Anan, a 37-year-old from Tel Aviv, who had apparently entered Indonesia on a Portuguese passport.

According to local news agency he reached a height of around 3,726 m (12,224 ft) when he apparently fell into a 150-meter-deep crevice.

Local rescuers were assisted by Magnus, an Israeli rescue organization.

“The rescue efforts were carried out while dealing with difficult, mountainous terrain and extreme weather conditions,” Magnus said to times of Israel.

According to statement “After three intense days in which special teams worked at altitude and in complex terrain, his body was recovered and will be moved to Israel for burial,”.

Mount Rinjani