July 23:  Azerbaijani climber Israfil Ashurli found the Romanian climber in serious condition(George) at  around 7,700 to 7,800m  then he gave up his summit push to help a Romanian climber in very poor condition. Ashurli dragged him down to 7,300m. Here, Chileans climbers Andrea Garrido and Juan Andres Covarrubias on their way up from Camp 3 pitched in to help.

Chileans suspended the summit attempt and they managed to drag him down to Camp 2. They are trying to arrange a helicopter evacuation. They are still taking him down.

According to sources Romanian climber spent a whole night outdoors at 8000m.

broad peak 1
Image Source:Israfil Ashurli

According to sources Pakistani climber was ran out of oxygen near 8000m on the descent more details yet to come.

Francois Cazanelli of Italy also did not reached summit with his teams he stopped near the summit point to help a British climber mountain blog reported.

Few weeks ago Pakistani climber Sharif Sadpara died on Broad peak.