On July 04, Giuseppe Vidoni and  Nicolas Jean climbed Broad Peak without supplementary O2.

Giuseppe Vidoni wrote on social media ”

In three days the weather is getting worse, we have a day off “only the second after these 10 days of beautiful weather where we pushed to acclimatize to the best”.

The day after tomorrow we’re leaving to try the top.. We agree with the team of the two French Nicloas and Benjamin to go up together and give us a hand in opening the way since on c3 no one has climbed and we need to track.

On the day of departure it’s me Tiziano and Nico, Benjamin came back because of a stomach ache he’s been accusing for a few days.

We start at about 4:30 from C3, we take alternate tracks, up to the hill technically it’s not difficult, you just need to find your way through some nice cracks. Nico turns out to be much better in shape than us and he puts himself in front to make a mark, truly amazing. Arriving at the hill, Tiziano decides to go back because he was not sure if he would be able to go down given the fatigue and difficulty that was increasing from there on the ridge.

Nico and I set off and immediately we came across a climb on Rock of III degrees which at 7800m with heavy shoes and rampons is not really trivial. From there, except for a few steps, the ridge seems easier. Nico, as before, is in charge, the ridge with its ups and downs is longer than I imagined and it makes us very tired… finally we both reach the top and we are so happy. now it was about 16:15 and we had to go down immediately with the little preserved energy trying to stay clear, no mistakes were admitted. (Broad Peak taught me a lot about the importance of still having energy for the downhill). We manage to go down the hill still with light, from there now it’s just a matter of dragging down to the curtains in C3, a beautiful sunset with us”

He has also shared some images on social media

broad peak
Image Source: Giuseppe Vidoni
Image Source: Giuseppe Vidoni
Image Source: Giuseppe Vidoni