February 28, Lumbini: The calibration flight has been completed at Gautam Buddha International Airport. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the flight was completed on Sunday as per the scheduled time.

Aerothai’s aircraft arrived in Nepal on 17th February. According to the authority, the aircraft has completed the scheduled flights by Sunday. The aircraft was scheduled to return to Thailand on Monday. However, there are plans to conduct test flights at about half a dozen domestic airports on the occasion of the arrival of the equipment-laden aircraft in Nepal.

According to Pradip Adhikari, Director General of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft will remain in Nepal till March 4. The aircraft is preparing for calibration flights to Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Simara, and Kathmandu.” We are trying to test all the night airports as much as possible,” he said.

Calibration flight has not been operated at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu after the 300-meter runway was recently expanded. Such tests need to be done after the new structure is built to ensure that the airport is technically safe. According to the authority, such testing should be done every two years at all airports connected to the IFR system. It tests whether the connected systems are working properly. However, such a test has not been conducted for a long time. The ship is being tested at domestic airports on the occasion of its arrival in Nepal.

What is the further process at Gautam Buddha International Airport?

After the calibration flight that ended on Sunday, Aero Thai will now submit the report to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. After receiving the report, it is published by the Department of Aeronautical Information Management (AMI) of NEA. Based on this, it is decided whether the airport is airworthy or not. The officials then informed us that the test flight would be open at the airport. After the completion of the test flight, the authority will invite the airline company for a commercial flight.

In the next two months, the concerned bodies including immigration, security agencies, customs, Nepal Oil Corporation will also keep their structures here at the airport. The airport will then be eligible for commercial flights.