March 01, 2023: In the first two months of 2023, Nepal welcomed 128,329 tourists, according to data from the Nepal Tourism Board. Of this number, 55,074 visited in January, while 73,255 visited in February. The recent opening of travel by the Chinese government has had a positive impact on tourism in Nepal, with 2,266 Chinese tourists visiting in February, compared to 1,436 in January.

February 2023 marked the highest number of tourist arrivals in Nepal since 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic brought travel restrictions worldwide. In February 2022, 19,766 tourists visited Nepal, followed by 9,146 in February 2021, and 98,190 in February 2020. The highest number of tourist arrivals ever recorded in Nepal for February was in 2019, with 102,429 tourists.

Indian tourists make up the largest number of foreign visitors to Nepal, with 18,401 Indian tourists visiting in February 2023. American citizens come in second, with 7,887 tourists. Thailand ranks third, with 4,802 visitors, followed by the UK with 4,345 visitors. Other countries with significant tourist arrivals in Nepal in February 2023 include South Korea (3,246 tourists), Australia (2,969), China (2,266), Myanmar (2,232), Sri Lanka (2,175), and Germany (2,108).

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