October 19, 2022: Two different teams are now attempting Cho Oyu by the same south-side route. Only their climbing permits are separate.

According to the source, 14 sherpas from two teams are fixing the route together on Cho Oyu. Today they touched 7300m.

Other international clients are preparing to leave the base camp the weather is encouraging and they have set a summit target date for October 22, 2022.

According to sources, last week avalanche between Camp 2 and Camp 1 swept away the fixed ropes. The fixing team reinstalled it. Last week the team rope fixing team also had to stop due to bad weather conditions.

Now the Sky is clear but winds remain 90 kph.

Adriana Brownlee, Gelje Sherpa, and Kristin Harila already reached the Cho Oyu base camp last week they were stuck in Lukla due to bad weather conditions.

Image Source: Pioneer Adventure