October 21, Kathmandu: The weather is gradually clearing across the country after the continuous loss of life and property in Nepal.

It has been sunny in most parts of the Kathmandu Valley this morning. According to senior meteorologist Barun Poudel, no other system is expected to be developed in the next four to five days.

The combined effect of the low-pressure system and the western wind system in Bihar, India, had brought heavy rains from October 17 to October 20. Even though the system is out now, the general effect is still in Nepal.

‘Such a system releases water vapor and cold, so it looks cloudy and foggy somewhere. There is a possibility of sporadic rain in some places, ‘he said. The weather forecast department has stated that it will not have a big impact

According to the Department, there has been light rain in one or two places in State 1 and Bagmati State with partial to normal cloud cover. There will be partial to normal cloud cover across the country.

There is a possibility of light rain in a few places in State 1, Bagmati and Gandaki, and in one or two places in the rest of the states

The low-pressure system and western wind system was developed on October 17