September 05, 2022: According to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office a Denver woman fell 900 feet to her death Saturday while climbing one of Colorado’s most treacherous mountains.

According to press release The Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center received a phone call on Saturday at 7:56 a.m. from a man who reported that he had witnessed a woman fall 1,500 to 2,000 feet from below the summit of Capitol Peak into Pierre Lakes Basin. The phone call was transferred to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, who was told by the witness that he and his hiking party saw a Denver woman, who had been hiking solo, fall to her death after a handhold, a rock that she was attempting to grab onto, gave way. 

The witness said that the woman had fallen after a rock she was trying to hold onto gave way, according to the sheriff’s office fox news reported.

A recovery mission was planned out at the C.B. Cameron Rescue Center. Helicopters from Flight For Life Colorado and Montrose Helitack from the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control accepted requests from MRA to participate in the recovery mission. An EcoFlight aircraft was also used to survey the landscape during the initial stages of planning.

A team of two MRA volunteers were flown to K2, a nearby 13,664-foot peak, to establish radio communications, evaluate safety, and close off the hiking trail. A team of four MRA volunteers was flown into Pierre Lakes Basin. This team hiked up to the woman’s body and prepared it for extraction from the field. 

At 2:47 p.m. the woman’s body was flown out of Pierre Lakes Basin to Cow Camp, which is situated approximately seven miles up Capitol Creek Rd, and turned over to the Pitkin County Coroner for further investigation. The woman’s name is being withheld until the Pitkin County Coroner has been able to notify her next of kin.

image source: CNN