January 07, 2022


According to Alex Txikon: Back to base camp. It’s been a very hard night, with a lot of cold. I counted about 8 avalanches. Right now we are removing the snow to keep camp as best as possible. Since yesterday, including night, we’ve been shoveling snow one by one. The roar of avalanches is continuous and the temperature does not exceed -10.

Image Source:Pasang Rinzee Sherpa


Jost Kobusch tracking devices show he is also back. Kobusch break the trail and spent two nights at 6,460m on his first rotation up the mountain’s West Ridge but now he is at 4,994m.

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Nepal Weather Forecast

Nanga Parbat

There is also bad weather in Nanga Parbat. Climbers are waiting for a chance to ascent.