May 04, 2023: The climbers currently on an expedition to Mount Everest are facing challenging weather conditions. According to Yuvaraj Khatiwada, Director of the Tourism Department, climbers are waiting for the weather to improve before continuing their ascent. The adverse weather poses too great a risk, so climbers are remaining cautious. Over 400 climbers and expedition team members are currently waiting at the Everest base camp, which is experiencing favorable weather conditions. To stay active, climbers have been practicing climbing up to Camps 1, 2, and 3 from the base camp and then returning.

However, since the possibility of improved weather conditions in the next few days is low, Khatiwada has suggested that climbers continue their practice sessions. This year, 467 climbers from four different groups have been granted permission to climb Mount Everest in the spring season. Among them, 98 are women, and 368 are men. This is the highest number of climbers for this time of year in the history of Everest climbing. In 2022, 323 climbers from 44 groups were granted permission for Everest climbing, and in 2021, 409 climbers from 42 groups were granted permission.

Suraj Aryal, an official from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation’s departments of culture, tourism, and civil aviation, was present at the base camp and provided information on the complete weather breakdown of the Everest region. Due to continuous bad weather for two to three days, many climbers have returned to the second base camp from the third camp. Most of the climbers granted permission to climb Everest are currently camping around the base camp. As the situation develops, they will continue to monitor the weather and plan their next move accordingly.