01/05/2024: A team from Bigu Rural Municipality in Dolakha successfully conquered the pristine peak, Chhopa Bamare, located in northwest of Lamabagar in Bigu-1, on Friday. The team, led by Everestiers Lila Bahadur Basnet and Nima Gyaljen Sherpa, consisted of six members. The expedition, named “Bigu Municipality First Nepali Chhopa Bamare Winter Expedition,” commenced on December 25, and the team returned to Lamabagar after eight days of their Himalayan journey.

The victorious ascent of Chhopa Bamare at 6,109 meters was achieved at 9:30 AM on December 29 by the team members, including Nima Gyalzen Sherpa, Lila Bahadur Basnet, Ward Chair Sanjeev Oli, Phurba Thiley Sherpa, Bhanindra Khadka, and Lakpageli Sherpa. The climb marked a significant achievement, contributing to Dolakha’s mountain tourism.

Chair Oli emphasized the significance of ascending virgin peaks in Dolakha and their role in boosting mountain tourism in the region. He encouraged climbers to explore Chhopa Bamare, emphasizing its accessibility within a short timeframe.

Lila Bahadur Basnet mentioned that despite being the team’s first attempt on the newly discovered peak, they encountered no obstacles during the ascent, thanks to the experienced members of the team.