March 19, Kathmandu: Climbers have started coming to Dhaulagiri base camp for mountaineering. The excitement has started after foreign and local climbers, Sherpas, guides, porters, and kitchen staff started arriving at the base camp.

The rope fixing team from the agency has fixed the rope to Camp1 and back to base camp today.

Hari Prasad Tilija, a hotelier at the Italian base camp, said that 10 climbers who had taken permission to climb the mountain in the spring reached the base camp by helicopter and on foot.”The first team of the season has arrived at the base camp,” he said.

Indra Singh Sherchan, who is in charge of the local level climbing team, said that the climbers went to the base camp by helicopter.” A team of ten people has reached Dhaulagiri base camp by helicopter,” he said. Other climbers are on the way to Dhaulagiri base camp.

Mountaineers from the USA, Japan, China, Canada, Norway, and other countries have come to Dhaulagiri for climbing.

Last season, 40 people had taken permission from the tourism department to climb Dhaulagiri. Kurd Dimbucker, an Australian citizen, first climbed Dhaulagiri on May 13, 1960.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Imagie Nepal