January 10, Kalinchowk: Kalinchok is beautiful not only religiously but also naturally. Kalinchok in Dolakha district at an altitude of 3,842 meters above sea level is crowded with internal and external tourists.

The number of visitors has increased due to heavy snowfall in and around Kalinchok some days ago.

Tourists come to visit Kalinchok Bhagwati temple standing on a high hill and to play snow. Before the snowfall, not so many tourists came to kalinchok.

The Kalinchok Bhagwati temple as well as the snow-capped peaks of Gaurishankar, Dorjelakpa, Rolwaling, Jugal, and Langtang, are visible to the naked eye from all around, adding to the beauty of Kalinchok.

Hundreds of young people can be seen hanging on the snowy hills before reaching Kuri Bazaar.

Kalinchowk snow