On June 13 Denis Urubko and Maria Cardell reached a summit of 5,975m Peak near the Koser Gunge 6,400m in the shigar valley north of Skardu. They also celebrated their sixth anniversary on a 5,975m summit.

According to Locals, there are no earlier ascents on this mountain.

Cardell Wrote on social Media ” On the morning of our 6th anniversary, we climbed a mountain of 5975m. It rises above the Shigar valley near the Khoser-Gung. Locals say there are no earlier ascents on this mountain but we prefer to make sure we’re good, so we’re gathering information. Denis and I would like to call it the name of the village, KASHMAL, under the slopes, also because of the very positive warm relationship of the pastors.

The beginning of the adventure was on 10th June, our friend drove us by road to an altitude of 2400m in the valley. From there it was a long approach under the heavy backpacks. For 2 days we were searching for trails, reliefs, and water. making way took us a long time. Technically no major difficulties, follow the ridge to a 40-45* corridor with rocks and snow. Arrived at a neckline at 5450m where we set up shop before heading out to the top. After spending all afternoon-night snowing, early morning on June 13 the weather was good so we left at 04:30h of deep snow and high avalanche risk. Exploration again took us a while to find the safest path. We decided to walk through a slab of ice about 45* where Denis fixed a bolt. But we immediately had no choice but to continue down a large ledge that broke off and Denis flew out a couple of meters down the other slope of the mountain, fortunately, I was able to stop him with the rope. At 8:30 we made it to the top of this mountain A few gaps between the clouds let us see the Rakaposhi, Broad Peak, and Khoser-Gung.

In total, they have been (climbing) 16.56km distance saving 3,758m of positive and 266m negative. Lowering done in two days so my knee is almost unusable but it will bounce back.

Now we are back in Skardu, resting and time ahead to carry out our next project. In a few days, more.”

Image Source: Denis Urubko
Image Source: Pipi Cardell
Image Source: Pipi Cardell