August 03, Denis Urubko is not attempting a fourth 8000er this season. He is returning home without breaking Juanito Oiarzabal’s record for the most no-O2 8,000’ers.

He climbed Broad Peak, Gasherbrum II & K2 this season on Karakoram without using supplementary oxygen. He remains tied at 26 8000er with Basque climber Juanito Oiarzabal. He still needs to climb one 8000er for making new record.

Urubko wrote on social media “The expedition is over, The few days left and the rapidly changing weather (snow at the base of the mountains) forces me to end this experience here, I am obviously satisfied with what has been done.”

Denis 1
Image Source: Denis Urubko

According to explorersweb he was considering doing Broad Peak a second time for number 27 and the record, but bad weather has now settled on the Karakoram.

He is now back to Skardu. Before heading to the Karakoram on July 13 Denis Urubko along with his wife Maria Cardell climbed Unclimbed peak near the Koser Gunge 6,400m in the shigar valley north of Skardu. They also celebrated their sixth anniversary on a 5,975m summit.

On July 19 he climbed Broad Peak, on 23rd July he climbed Gasherbrum II and on July 29 he celebrated his birthday on K2 Summit.

denis ur
Image Source: Denis Urubko