Image : सुन्दरकुमार थकाली

EU Ambassador to Nepal Nona Diprez arrived in the Trans-Himalayan district of Mustang via Pokhara on Monday. She is accompanied by a three-member team from the European Union’s Senior Program Coordinator Mim Hamal and the International Trade Center (ITC) Bidur Ghimire.

It is stated that the team has come to Mustang for on-site monitoring and observation on the ongoing programs of the West area in Mustang and the possibilities and challenges of west mustang promotion with the objective of mitigating the impact of climate change and contributing to the environment.

The team visited Dhaulagiri Technical School at Thasang Gapa-3 Lete on the way to Mustang from Pokhara and the temperate horticulture farm at Gharpajhong-2 on Monday said senior program coordinator Mim Hamal. The European Union (EU) has long been investing in the Dhaulagiri Technical School through the government for the development of the agricultural sector through the Tourism and Temperate Horticulture Development Center for the production of skilled manpower.

A team from the European Union has come to Mustang with the aim of sustainable development of the West region and increasing the income sources of the locals. A team including EU Ambassador Nona Deprez has discussed and interacted with Mustang journalists on various issues and events taking place in the West region in Mustang.

Addressing the queries raised by Mustang journalists on the occasion, Ambassador Deprez said that the European Union has been conducting various programs in sustainable development including agriculture, nutrition, food security, forest, education, health, agri-tourism, reconstruction, and income generation for the past 20 years.

She emphasized the need to review and observe events that have taken place since she became ambassador to the European Union.She said, ‘This is my very own project visit to Mustang. I have come to Mustang for the first time. I was fascinated by the beautiful environment and the geographical beauty of the place