August 04:  As a series of heat waves and rapidly melting glaciers have made the routes too dangerous, mountain guides are cancelling climbs up some of the most iconic peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. most guiding companies refused to take clients up Mont Blanc.

Alpine guides in Switzerland, France, and Italy say that a series of heat waves starting in May and the ongoing effects of global warming have led to climbing cancellations on about a dozen peaks. This is happening far earlier in the season than normal.

Image Source:Guide Alpine Italiane

Guide Alpine Italiane posted on social Media

” The alpine guides of the Valle d’Aosta concert with the alpine guides of Saint Gervais Mont Blanc, Chamonix, Verbier and Zermatt decided to suspend the ascents:

– at the Go Goter haven, then the French normal at Mount Blanc

– the Ginger and the Giant’s Tooth towards Rochefort Ridge

– the Magpie, for both Lion’s Crest and Hornly Crest

– highly not recommended the tour to Polluce during the day

ultime The decision, certainly not easy after two years of the pandemic, was made by the Alpine Guides who monitored the situation day by day and, taking into account the particularly delicate conditions of the last few weeks caused by an uptick important thermal, they deem it necessary to postpone the climbs to improve of the conditions.”

Alpine guides who usually lead thousands of hikers up towards Europe’s highest peak announced that they would suspend ascents on the most classic routes up Mont Blanc, which straddles France, Italy and Switzerland.

The heat and accelerated glacial melt can make climbing treacherous, mountain guides say. Last month, 11 people were killed at Italy’s Marmolada glacier by falling ice and rocks.

Even if temperatures finally moderate, conditions throughout the alpine will remain dicey and need careful assessment. Even rocky areas near the glaciers slide frequently now.