August 25,2022: Skier Andrzej Bargiel announced to press meet that he will attempt to Ski Everest. He will attempt without using supplementary oxygen or Sherpa support. Along with this team members he had left for Nepal aiming to start climb in September.

According to him his team includes his brother bartek, Alpinist Jansuz Golab, cameraman Carlos Llerandi, and photographer Bartek Pawlikowski.

Bargiel said in press conference that though the Everest is harder to climb during this season due to excess snow on the mountain, but it is safer for a ski decent as some crevasses will be covered by snow.

Andrzej Bargiel previously attempted to Ski Everest in 2019 without using supplementary oxygen but he ended expedition more than a month.

Davo Karničar was the first to make the first full descent from Mount Everest in 2000, but he used supplementary oxygen.

In 1996, Hans Kammerlander climbed Mount Everest (8848 m) without using oxygen. He made no O2 decent from north side started below 300m from Summit point.

File image source: Andrzej Bargiel