October 03 Kathmandu: International Mount Everest Day, celebrated on May 29 to commemorate the historic first human footfall on the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, will be celebrated in Albany, New York, from this year. New York State Assemblymember Jennifer Prince made the announcement at a special ceremony in New York.

Video : facebook/ Us Nepal

In recent years, the US Nepal Climbers Association has been collaborating with organizations such as the Nepali Consulate General in New York, the American Alpine Club, Explorer USA, the New York City Outbound, and the United Sherpa Association to celebrate Everest Day.

Mingmar Lama, general secretary of the US Nepal Climbers Association, said today that the day has reached new heights after New York State Assemblymember Jennifer Rajkumar invited Albany to celebrate Everest Day with grandeur from next year.

The dignified presence of various world-renowned climbers enhanced the beauty of today’s event. A total of 60 climbers were presented with certificates of appreciation by the Member of the Legislative Assembly for their courage, sacrifice, and honesty. He also presented letters of appreciation to the members and volunteers who helped make the program a success

The Association has expressed its gratitude to the Consul General of Nepal Bishnu Prasad Gautam, Vice President of Queens Borough Rhonda Binda, and other people’s representatives and prominent personalities of the Nepali community.

The association also said that it has been a very pleasant experience to work hand-in-hand with the Nepali Consulate General, United Sherpa Association, and GPK Foundation.

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