June 4, Kathmandu: According to the Department of tourism 560 climbers including Sherpas Successfully climbed Mount Everest this season.

425 climbers from 59 countries obtained permits from the department of tourism for climbing the world’s highest peak Mt Everest with the addition of Sherpa Climbers 560 climbers scaled Everest this season said Bhishma Raj Bhattarai, a branch officer of the department.

Most of the climbers are Americans, In the second, British citizens, in the third, Indians, and in the fourth, Nepalis have taken permission from the Department of Tourism.

Foreign nationals have to pay a royalty of 11,000 US dollars per person to receive a permit for Climbing Everest and for Nepalese each person pays 75,000 Nepali rupees for royalties.

Three people have died while climbing Mt. Everest this season, including two Nepalis and one foreigner.