April 01, 2023: Expedition Organizers have started preparing for the sequence of Himalayan climbs. However, the equipment being transported to the Everest base camp has been stopped by the Syangboche Municipality in the Khumbu region.

According to the municipality, there have been many helicopter flights in the Khumbu region, and they have agreed with the Sagarmatha National Park and District Administration Office to only allow helicopter transportation up to Tyangboche. Therefore, they have stopped the transportation of equipment to the base camp.

Pemba Sherpa, the leader of the “8-K” expedition, has expressed his frustration with the Syangboche Municipality for obstructing the creation of their base camp by not allowing them to transport their equipment beyond Syangboche. He stated, “We searched for our equipment from Syangboche to Pangboche, but it’s not there. The equipment is in a scattered state.”

He further added, “All expedition companies are facing this problem. It’s spring season now, and if we can’t get our equipment on time, we won’t be able to climb the mountains. We’ve been prohibited from transporting equipment, and all of our equipment is in Syangboche. Nothing is left. I have seven thousand kilograms of equipment.”

Due to the obstruction of the village municipality, many companies have been left with their goods stranded in Syangboche. Why did the government stop them? Sherpa explains, “Now we are not allowed to climb. The goods can be skillfully searched and delivered properly. We can’t do it without permission.” When the April women’s climb began, there was a commotion in Shepa as the equipment and basis for the camp could not be completed.

According to them, tourists going on the climb are expected to reach the base camp between April 10-12. There, they have to set up camps for themselves. All necessary equipment must be brought with them. Even though they had started their climb a few days earlier, no one had listened to them and it became a dispute, as Sherpa explained. He said that he was not responsible for taking the goods by helicopter and that they were not looking for yaks either.

According to reports, the chairman of the Seven Summit Treks, Mingma Sherpa, has revealed that 20,000 kilograms of equipment have been stranded in Nunthala and 3,000 kilograms in Syangboche. He stated that despite the efforts made to organize transportation, the situation has not improved and the goods remain undelivered. Sherpa commented, “This is unacceptable, it’s a shame. We have goods that even humans can’t carry. Yak also can’t carry them. This is not just a problem for our company but also for the porters.”

Furthermore, Sherpa explained that the goods couldn’t be transported by Yak, and the local government has not been able to provide assistance to deliver the goods. As a result, Sherpa has resorted to using a helicopter to airlift the equipment. He added, “After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in tourists visiting Nepal. So, why is this happening? It’s not just the heavy load that the porters can’t carry, even yaks can’t carry it.”

The chairman of Seven Summit Treks has stated that a large amount of equipment remains undelivered due to transportation issues, and he has had to resort to using a helicopter to deliver them. He has also expressed concern about the surge in tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain it has put on the local transportation infrastructure.

Similarly, mountaineer and CEO of Elite Exped, Mingma Sherpa, reported that their equipment was stuck in Nunthala and Syangboche. He mentioned that the equipment had been stuck for a week and even though the Sherpa guides had reached Gorak Shep, their bags were still stuck in Nunthala.

Sherpa said, “It’s not just the responsibility of the local government to manage this. We need to take ownership and streamline the process. We need to simplify the process of finding yaks and porters. We can’t wait for yaks and porters to be found or for a helicopter to fly. How will we transport our equipment to Base Camp?”

Gaunpalika Chairperson Mingma Chhiri Sherpa stated that since there were many flights to Khumbu, they had agreed to transport the equipment by helicopter from Tyangboche based on everyone’s consensus. He said, “The Gaunpalika, National Park, and CEO have made the decision, and it has been implemented.” Sherpa claimed that the expedition operators association had been informed of this decision a month ago. “Even after receiving the news, they did not take any action. Now they have come at the last minute and expect to make arrangements?” he questioned.