November 03, 2022: Czech team, led by Piolet d’Or winner Zdenek Hak summited the unclimbed Chumbu peak (6,859m) last week. The team set off from the Gaunara Glacier, climbed the west face, and descended south toward Changri Nup Glacier.

According to them, they named the route “The Last Flight of the Falcon” as a tribute to their fellow mountain guide and friend Andrzej Sokolowsky, who recently died in the High Tatras.

Chumbu peak lies in Nepal, just meters from the Tibetan border

Zdenek Hak wrote so in the end, we succeeded and we managed to climb the western wall of the Himalayan mountain Chumbu (6.859m) in the composition of Radek Groh, Jaroslav Bánsky, Petr Kejklíček, and Zden lavk Hák. We started the ascent from the west of Gaunara glacier and descended south on Changri Nup glacier. I was ruled out of the game for a week and Juraj Korena definitively, the local “mosquito specialty” by Dengue fever… This kind of hardens our common joy of the performance. Juraj planned to fly from the top to a parachute, which would be world unique. We were all ready to help this elite world pilot with the launch and participate in his big dream However, thanks Radar and Banana for paving my way to the top and finally allowing me to stand on top of my ninth Asian velehora as the very first person in the world. Thanks to the snowy conditions and unfamiliar terrain, it was a very demanding undertaking and we assessed the overall difficulty with the TD+ classification. We named the trip “The last flight of the Falcon” as a memory of a colleague mountain leader and friend Andrzej Sokolowski, who tragically died in the Tatras this year… Tomorrow we are flying homeeeee!!

Image source: Zdenek Hak
Image source: Zdenek Hak
Image source: Zdenek Hak