March 31, Kathmandu: For the first time, Kathmandu-based vegans are going to celebrate the festival by adopting plant-based food and lifestyle. The ‘Himalayan Vegan Festival’ has been announced for the upcoming 15th of September. Kuntal Joisher, the first Vigan Everest climber, is coming to Kathmandu for the three-day festival. But before that, the organizing committee has stated that preparations will be made for the festival in Lumbini. The festival was formally announced at a press conference in Kathmandu on Monday.

According to Suresh Sharma, president of the organizing Pure Vegetarian Association, vegan experts from all over the world will participate in the festival. Also, information will be given about vegetarian food and its benefits. Prakash Ajat, a vegan engineer and member of the organizing committee, said that the festival will also teach you how to cook vegan dishes, yoga training, and healthy eating and lifestyle skills. Marathon, as well as a documentary, will be shown in this process. According to Ajat, Mount Everest climber Kuntal will share his experience at the festival.

It is said that the program will be held in Bhutan immediately after the three-day festival in Nepal. Which has been taken as a series of festivals in Nepal. Although such programs have been held in India and other countries before, such festivals have never been held in Nepal and Bhutan before. The festival will be the first of its kind in Nepal, even though there are various programs about vegan in some countries of the world. According to the organizers, the festival in Nepal will remove such misconceptions and teach people how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The world’s vegans insist on a healthy lifestyle that avoids milk and meat products and respects all of nature’s creations. They are against the argument that you have to eat meat to be healthy. Also, unlike those who follow a typical vegetarian lifestyle, they believe that they should consume only what is available from nature.

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