January 09:Air service to the Himalayan districts of Karnali has been disrupted due to thick fog in Nepalgunj since this morning.

There are 5 to 7 daily flights from Nepalgunj Airport to Jumla, Dolpa and Bajura including Mugu and Humla.Now the fog has become a problem even for a one flight.

Passengers have been stranded at the airport as flights have been reduced.Rara Airport Chief Vishal Barun said that the flight has been affected for a week due to thick fog in Nepalgunj.

“There used to be five or seven flights a week ago,” he said. “Now the passengers going to Nepalgunj and Surkhet are stranded at the district headquarters.Tourists coming to Rara to play in the snow also had problems entering Mugu

Due to heavy fog in Nepalgunj, there is a problem to fly in Humla which does not have road facilities.At present, it is difficult to make a single flight, said Mohan Giri, chief of Simkot Airport.

He said that about 100 passengers were waiting for the aircraft in Humla.There is pressure of passengers going to the Himalayan district of Karnali even at Nepalgunj Airport.

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