August 09, 2023: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has established flight schedules at Lukla Airport and Phaplu Airport in the Solukhumbu region. These schedules are determined based on weather conditions to ensure safe flights and to avoid problems and accidents caused by adverse weather and other circumstances. The authority only permits flights during designated times to mitigate these risks.

A meeting of the Aviation Service Directorate has decided to prioritize flight safety and vigilance during the monsoon season. The authority has implemented a policy of restricting flights after the designated time frame for aircraft with limited seating capacity, such as planes and helicopters, for a period of three months.

For flights to and from Phaplu, the time has been set from 6 AM to 12:30 PM during November 16 to February 18, and from 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM for the remaining months. This decision has been made by a meeting comprising of Premnath Thakur, Deputy Director of the Directorate, and officials from the related department of the authority, considering the regulations in Chapter 10, Section 65 of the Civil Aviation Rules 2058. The decision involves communicating this arrangement with the relevant airlines. Similarly, the Department of Air Transport has approved flight schedules and has made decisions regarding operations within approved airline companies during aviation operations.

In essence, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has established flight schedules at Lukla and Phaplu airports, taking into account safety concerns, weather conditions, and regulatory guidelines. These schedules are designed to minimize risks associated with adverse weather and ensure the overall safety of flights.

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