Aug 28, 2023: Due to the bad weather, around 200 tourists have been stranded in Lukla. The adverse weather conditions have prevented flights from operating, and as a result, approximately a hundred tourists have been stuck in Lukla for six days. Civil Aviation Authority of Lukla’s Chief Officer Kiran Gautam, informed by Lukla’s meteorological official Kiran Gautam, mentioned that despite the schedule of six daily flights, no flights have been able to take off or land due to the inclement weather.

For the past six days, the Lukla region has been under the influence of continuous rainfall. The situation has led to difficulties not only for many tourists who are stranded in Solukhumbu but also for those who are facing challenges with accommodation and food. Many of the tourists who had planned their trips according to fixed schedules are now facing setbacks. Travelers coming to the Sagarmatha region, particularly for Mount Everest exploration, tend to rely heavily on air services. Due to the lack of proper road connectivity to the Khumbu region, air travel remains a limited option for travelers. Helicopter services are an alternative if airports are inaccessible, as helicopters can land in smaller areas.

However, even helicopter operations are hampered due to the ongoing rain conditions in Baklur. The Civil Aviation Authority has stated that helicopters are not currently operational. One of the primary destinations for tourists visiting Nepal is the Sagarmatha region, including areas like Khumbu. When the weather is favorable, around 300 or more tourists visit Khumbu’s upper region daily. The Lukla-Jiri route has been used by some tourists to reach Kathmandu after facing adverse weather conditions. Amrit Magar, the In-charge of Tara Air’s Lukla Station, provided this information. The Lukla locals are not able to travel to Kathmandu due to the bad weather.