March 05, 2023: Mount Everest has always been a coveted peak for climbers all over the world. The thrill of conquering the world’s highest peak has attracted countless adventurers, but the challenge of doing so without supplementary oxygen is an entirely different level of difficulty. Four women, including Dabuti Sherpa, Asmita Dorjee, Stefi Troguet, and Viridiana Alvarez, have set out to accomplish this rare feat this spring on the crowded South Side of the mountain.

Dabuti Sherpa, one of the four women attempting the climb, hopes to become the first Nepali woman to climb Everest without the use of artificial oxygen. For many years, Nepalese climbers have been an integral part of the Everest climbing community, with many holding records for summiting the peak multiple times. However, only a handful of Nepali women have attempted to climb Everest without supplementary oxygen, and Dabuti Sherpa hopes to be the first to succeed in this endeavor.

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Asmita Dorjee, a mountaineering instructor for the TATA Steel Adventure Foundation, is another woman attempting to climb Everest without supplementary oxygen. She had attempted the climb last year, reaching an impressive height of 8,700 meters without the use of oxygen. This year, she hopes to push herself further and accomplish the feat without relying on artificial oxygen.

Image Source: Asmita Dorjee

Stefi Troguet, hailing from Andorra, Troguet is an experienced mountaineer, having climbed several peaks in Europe, Africa, and South America. However, she has never attempted a climb without supplementary oxygen before. With the help of her team, Troguet hopes to achieve this incredible feat on Mount Everest.

Image Source: Stefi Troguet

Viridiana Alvarez, from Mexico, is also attempting to climb Everest without the use of supplementary oxygen. Like the other women, she has a team of O2-assisted staff supporting her climb, meaning that oxygen will be available to her if needed. Alvarez is no stranger to climbing, having summited several peaks in the past, but climbing Everest without oxygen will undoubtedly be her most challenging feat to date.

Image Source: Viridiana Alvarez

Climbing Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen is a rare accomplishment. The use of supplemental oxygen reduces the risk of altitude sickness and can help climbers reach the summit more quickly. However, it also adds an extra level of risk, as relying on artificial oxygen can create a false sense of security. Climbing without oxygen requires the body to adapt to the extreme altitude and low oxygen levels, making it a much more challenging and rewarding experience.

The fact that these four women are attempting to climb Everest without supplementary oxygen is inspiring. It is a testament to their incredible strength, skill, and determination. The climb will undoubtedly be an arduous and perilous journey, but if they succeed, they will have accomplished something few others have. The world will be watching as they take on this incredible challenge, and we wish them all the best of luck in their ascent.

Source: Explorersweb