July 15, 2023: On Broad Peak, multiple teams embarked on their journey to the summit yesterday. Colibasanu and a group of independent climbers took a day’s rest at Camp 3 (7,000m) before setting off for the summit last night. While we know that Colibasanu reached the top, details about the conditions along the extensive summit ridge are currently unknown.

Notably, before this recent push, there were no ropes available beyond the Gasherbrum Col. Anticipating this, Colibasanu and his partners carried their own rope, uncertain whether the previous day’s teams had installed any.

Meanwhile, Seven Summit Treks also achieved success on Broad Peak, with seven climbers reaching the summit, including Allie Pepper from Australia, who has now ticked off an impressive 14 out of the 14 renowned 8,000-meter peaks.

Over on Gasherbrum I, Denis Urubko and Pipi Cardell have blazed the trail up to Camp 2, as they plan to acclimatize on the normal route up to Camp 3. Subsequently, they will descend and undertake an alpine-style attempt on a new route on the 8,035-meter peak.

In an incredible feat, Kristin Harila from Norway and Tenjen “Lama” Sherpa from Nepal are closing in on their goal of summiting all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks within just three months. Today, they triumphantly stood atop Gasherbrum II at 7:45 am, accompanied by Mingtemba Sherpa.

As of now, details about the prevailing conditions or the use of supplementary oxygen on the 8,034-meter peak remain unknown. However, Harila and the sherpas from Seven Summit Treks managed to save valuable time and energy by skipping the arduous Baltoro trek and instead opting for a helicopter ride to Base Camp. Similarly, members of the EliteExped group, including Nirmal Purja and Qatari Princess Asma Al Thani, also utilized the airlift for their expedition.

Following in Harila’s footsteps, a considerable number of climbers are expected to pursue their own summit attempts. Teams from Nanga Parbat, having already acclimatized on the previous peak, arrived at Gasherbrum Base Camp yesterday. Climbers utilizing supplementary oxygen, even on relatively lower 8,000-meter peaks like the Gasherbrums, have the advantage of completing the ascent in a single push, gradually sipping oxygen to aid their progress.

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