February 18: Calibration Flight started at Gautam Buddha international airport.

December 19, Butwal: Calibration flights will be done at Gautam Buddha International Airport till the last week of January.According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the calibration flight will take place within a month and a half as the technicians have to come from abroad on time.

According to NEA spokesperson Devchand Lal Karna, the calibration flight will be completed within a month and a half as the power problem at the airport has been resolved, training of technicians is underway and testing of machines is underway.

The calibration flight is scheduled to take place in the last week of January or the first week of February and commercial flights will be launched in the next three months, said spokesperson Karna.

“After the commercial flight, it will take three months to complete the process required for regular flights. Preparations are underway to start commercial flights from next April,” he said.

Now Arrow Thai technicians have arrived in Nepal for the calibration flight.However, the aircraft has not arrived.”If there is no obstacle in between, commercial flights will start from April,” said Karna, a spokesman for the authority.

What is a calibration flight?

A calibration flight is a test of whether equipment connected to areas such as runways, towers, etc. that direct aircraft take-offs and landings at the airport, has worked.Pravin Neupane, head of ICP-2, Gautam Buddha International Airport Construction Project, said that the aircraft should be brought and tested for landing.

The calibration flight shows whether the connected devices are working or not, whether the instructions are properly heard or not when the pilot of the aircraft communicates with the tower.

Aero Thai Company was responsible for the communication of light and equipment at the airport.However, a spokesman for the Thai government said in a statement that the “delay” was due to Corona’s decision not to allow his country’s technicians to leave the country.

‘Calibration flight has been delayed due to untimely arrival of Thai technicians but now Thai technicians have arrived.

But, the aircraft has not come, now it is up to Thai Aero to bring other technicians, ‘he said.Calibration flights also require technicians from Europe and the United States