April 23, Kathmandu: High winds above 7500m are delaying Himalaya Summit. According to forecasts, high winds remain till April 25.

Climbers are continuing their acclimatization rotation to the lower area of the mountains.


Carlos Soria team are at base camp on Dhaulagiri. The snowfall covered the route deeply and buried their ropes from camp 2 to camp 3. Another team is continuing their rotations to lower camps.

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Image: Carlos Soria


All climbers have returned to base camp as their summit push was aborted.


Marc Batard who is opening a new route on Everest wrote on social media” Today we set up our tent near Sundare Peak. Tomorrow we start equipping the route to reach Everest camp 1 as soon as possible.”

Other climbers have started their training and acclimatization rotation in Everest base camp.


Mingma G has flowed to base camp his team with Pakistan’s Sirbaz Khan, reached 7004 m. Sirbaz Khan wrote ” “I slept in my sleeping bag in C2. It’s well past midnight but I can barely sleep because of the snow and wind hitting my camp. Maybe another sleepless night I have to spend counting hours and looking at pictures of my loved ones.’

Khan is back to base camp completed his rotation and is ready for his final effort.

Romanians Horia Colibasanu and Marius Gane have completed their first rotation and they are now on Camp 3.

Marco Confortola is going up to Camp 3 and then goes back down to C2 for a second night there and acclimatize well.

Image: Sirbaz Khan


The route fixing team fixed to 7,200m in challenging conditions. Adrian Ballinger and his Alpenglow team limbed to Camp 1 and skied from C1 to Crampon Point in dangerous, icy conditions, Karl and Nico headed to Camp 2 for the night.