December 01, Kathmandu: A group of young businessmen, from Landruk, Annapurna Gaonpalika-7 of Kaski, have tried to celebrate the traditional bee hunting as a festival this time.

According to them, the Honey Hunting Festival has been organized on December 7, 8 and 9.

There are currently 13 hotels and 10 homestays in Landruk, located on the Annapurna base camp footpath.

Before the Corona epidemic, these hotels and homestays used to attract more foreign tourists than Nepalese.It was difficult to find a place to stay during the season.After the epidemic, the situation has changed

At present, only Nepalis go for trekking during the season.Chairman of the Homestay Management Committee Kamal Gurung said that the Honey Hunting Festival is being organized as the tourism business of Landruk has slowed down.

The locals of Landruk had organized Honey Hunting Festival 13 years ago.Even then, the program was organized to attract tourists to the village.According to a local businessman, the village has been flooded with tourists since then

Since then, even though bee honey has been extracted every year, it was not celebrated as a festival.

According to him, the current price of bee honey is at least Rs 2,500 per liter.

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