December 11, 2022: With the aim of promoting internal tourism, a group reached Bhujung village in Lamjung Nepal, and observed honey hunting.

A team of around 200 people, including famous Nepali artists, pilots, doctors, journalists, writers, professors, engineers, lawyers, athletes, security officers, and businessmen, reached Lamjung for honey hunting.

The team that went from Kathmandu on Thursday morning observed the harvesting of honey in Ghimche Bhir of Bhujung on Friday. From Kathmandu, the team reached Bhujung village via Benisahar, there is a program to observe the local culture in Bhujung, visit the honey harvesting place and have dinner at the homestay and visit Ghalegaon and return to Benisahar.

According to sources, the main objective of this program is to promote adventure tourism in Nepal along with extraordinary travel experiences and establish relationships between experts in different fields.

There are about 400 houses in Bhujung of Lamjung. Bhujung, which was previously known as one village and one village, now belongs to one ward. This village, 1,650 meters above sea level, is located 36 km northwest of Lamjung headquarters, Bensi Sahar.