How to fill Air Suvidha form

You need to fill Air Suvidha form for traveling to India. The Air Suvida form was updated in February 2022 and this article covers the latest instructions for filling up Air Suvidha for passengers traveling to India. This form is a mandatory form that needs to be filled out before you begin your travel to India. This form needs to be filled out irrespective of your passport or citizenship. If you are a citizen of India or any other country you need to fill out this form before you travel to India.

This form needs to be filled out irrespective of your COVID Vaccine status whether you are fully vaccinated against COVID or not you still need to fill out the Air Suvidha form. This form also needs to be filled out for all passengers irrespective of age right from the newborn baby. Of course, for children, less than 5 years old COVID vaccinations and RT PCR test is optional for traveling to India but Filling up the Air Suvida form is still mandatory for children less than 5 years old.

There is no approval process for Air Suvidha once you submit the form you will get a PDF document to your submitted mail id in a few minutes. you just need to take a printout PDF before you go to the airport.

Documents Required to Fill up Air Suvidha Form

  1. PDF of Scanned copies of 1st and the last page of your passport
  2. If you are fully vaccinated you need a PDF of your COVID Vaccination Card
  3. If you are not fully vaccinated then you need a PDF of your RT PCR negative test results taken within 72 hours of your departure

Note: All these PDF documents should be less than 1MB in size.

How to fill Air Suvidha Form

For filling Air Suvidha form open your browser and go to . This website is common for Air Suvidha irrespective of the destination airport in India. So if you are traveling to any city like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. you still need to submit the form on this website only. so, once you open this website. On the right side, you have Air Suvidha Link. Click on that and click on the Self Declaration Form. The Self declaration form and Air Suvidha form are the same.

You have to enter their Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Flight Number, Seat Number(If you Don’t have a seat number assigned to you submit 00), PNR Number, Nationality, Passport Number, Upload your PDF of your passport first and last page, Date of arrival, Country of Departure, you need to click the asked information and upload the vaccination certificate Where you also have to fill Location of Final vaccination dose and date after that you have to the city of departure, the first airport of entry, a final destination where you can enter your friend’s location and contact number you can also provide your own mobile number if you have any registered number in India.

While entering your email id ensure that you have entered the correct one after you submit the Air Suvidha you will get PDF in this email id which you need to take a printout before you leave for the airport. You can click on YES or No according to your situation. You also need to select details of countries visited in the last 14 Days.

you can select no of passengers if you are traveling alone. If you are traveling with your family or your spouse or child you do not need to fill out a separate form you just need to update a count and fill up details in the text box and for a child in vaccination details, you can upload a child passport. And after clicking agree you can submit.

once you submit you will get PDF into the mail id that you had entered earlier just take a print of that PDF and you can go to the airport. There is no compulsion or no official rule that you have to take black and white or color print.

How to fill Air Suvidha form
How to fill Air Suvidha form

When do you have to Submit Air Suvidha form?

If you are fully vaccinated you can submit your Air Suvidha form as soon as you book your ticket. incase you have any COVID symptoms before your journey please take a test and if required reschedule your flight journey.

If you are not fully vaccinated you mandatory need to take an RT PCR test within 72 hours of departure time. once you test and you get negative you can submit the Air Suvidha form with those test results.

How to Fill Air Suvidha form for connecting flights

Most of the passengers are confused about filling in flight numbers on connecting flights while filling Air Suvidha form. You need to fill in your first flight details not flight details after a transit.

If you are taking Domestic connecting flights you have to click on the yes on the option are you taking a connecting Domestic Flight. and enter Domestic connecting Flights.

How to fill Air Suvidha form
How to Fill Air Suvidha form for connecting flights

how to fill Air Suvidha form for infants

You have to fill Air Suvidha form for infants. To fill Air Suvidha form for infants you have to enter every piece of information as per their passport or travel document. In the place of Vaccinatination Certificate upload, you can upload passports of your children as vaccination is not mandatory for infants.

How to fill Air Suvidha form without seat number

If you have not assigned any seat number then you can enter 00 in place of the seat number. Once you are assigned a seat number during the time of boarding you can edit the Air Suvidha form and enter the assigned seat number.

Note: According to Air Suvidha seat number is mandatory as it is required for contact tracing purposes. So do not forget to edit the seat number once it’s assigned to you.

Is Air Suvidha still required?

Yes filling Air Suvidha is still required during the time of travel to India.

How to fill Air Suvidha from Mumbai airport

The air Suvidha form is the same for all airports in India. You have to fill in from the website of Delhi airport all over India.

How to fill Air Suvidha form