How to fill ArriveCAN form

What is ArriveCAN

With all the travel restrictions due to COVID 19 countries has come up with different rules and guidelines. similarly Canada has also rules regarding entering the country. One of the rules is that you have to fill out ArriveCAN application. Regardless of your Residency or Vaccination status it is mandatory to fill out ArriveCAN if you are entering to Canada. You have to fill out within 72 hours before to flight to Canada. ArriveCAN is asked before you Board so dont think you will have time to fill it out during security check.

The are some exception regarding 72 hours rule. For example if you are travelling in marine vessel other than a cruise ship, due to some internet difficulties on water you need to fill out right before or a port while entering Canada. or if you are transiting through Canada to different country and not leaving a security area you don’t need to fill it out.

From July 19 2022 Canada resumes COVID 19 testing on airport.

You can sign in to ArriveCAN from a computer or Download a ArriveCAN app via App store or Google Play.

ArriveCAN for groups travelling together

There is also an option to fill out ArriveCAN for group of people travelling together like spouse, partner, dependent etc. You can do it for 8 people in the group including yourself only if you are planning to stay in same address for possible quarantine. If your group has mixed vaccination status and foreign nationals you should submit separate ArriveCAN applications unless they are your dependent.

You can also fill out ArriveCAN on behalf of someone else who is unable to use it. In this situation you need to provide them ArriveCAN receipt once you finish filling out the information.

How to Fill ArriveCAN form

We are using the website here but you can use your mobile app and go through the same process. First you have to go to web browser and click this link now click on Get started.

How to Fill ArriveCAN form
How to Fill ArriveCAN form

After this you have to create your account. Once you finish creating your account you need travel document & Vaccination Proof to upload. Once you are logged in you can click start to proceed with your application.

Choose the status that applies to you citizen, worker, student, family or Other and how you are entering Canada Air, land, Marine after choosing click will display random COVID test page on arrival you can also register in advance with test provider here next you need to provide your flight details you have to input here your last country where you were staying not the transit country , choose arrival airport, airline and Date of arrival. Next you need to fill out your phone number that you can be reached out when you are at Canada and preferred language of communication.

If you are filling out ArriveCAN for the first time you will also be asked to scan or upload your travel document at this time you will also need a COVID vaccination status as well as brand of vaccine you got dates and country of vaccination next you will need to upload your vaccination certificate.

At this point you can add more travellers to your group by going through the same process. In the following section you will be provided rules regarding quarantine , COVID testing & history of your travel 14 Days before your arrival to Canada.

You will be asked about your quarantine plans like actual address where you will be staying. If you are filling out ArrivaCAN for several people keep in mind this will be quarantine plan for all the people in group.

Last Part is COVID Self assessment where you need to specify do you have Fever, Cough etc. After this your application is done you will show your arrive can receipt with your airport and time of arrival number and status of travellers and your ArriveCAN ticket number.

Keep this handily before checking in to your flight and during your travel to Canada. When you arrive to Canada you also need to go through Customs and fill out customs declaration.

you will be asked Reason for travel choose one reason

next step is to add traveller here you have to add traveller where you have to select your document type, enter country of issue, passport number, surname, given name

How to Fill ArriveCAN form
How to Fill ArriveCAN form