What is CCMC form?

CCMC form is a kind of traveller locater form which you have to fill during travelling to Nepal. In this article you will know everything about CCMC form.

How To Fill CCMC Form

You can Fill the CCMC online Form by going on CCMC Nepal’s official site. Once you go to this site you can see three online forms Links Blinking at the top of the Right side of the website. If you are Arriving in Nepal you have to Fill International- Online Arrival form, If you are Departing you have to fill International- Online Departure form, If you are traveling inside Nepal via flight You have to fill Domestic Traveller Form. All the detailed information on these online forms is provided in this post.

Only Red marked area is mandatory to fill. Proceed to register the form only after your air ticket and COVID19 PCR Test Report are ready; PCR Test Report should not be older than 72 hrs to enter Nepal

After completing the submission you should print the form submission report which contains the registration number and bar code. In case you can print the submission report you can also take a screenshot.

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CCMC Arrival Form

Sample of International Online Arrival CCMC Form. Once you click on International Traveller Arrival Form you will be redirected to this page display this Kind of information

How to Fill CCMC Form
How to Fill CCMC Form

You need To fill CCMC form during the time of Arrival to fill out this form go to the CCMC Nepal Website. You can find the red box at the right top of the website click on the Online Entry Form after clicking here you will be redirected towards the form.
Here you have to fill in your Arrival Date, Flight/Bus No, Seat No, Travel Times after COVID, Name, Surname, Sex, Citizenship, Date of Birth, Passport/Citizenship No, Issue Date, Stay Address after Arrival in Nepal, Contact Details in Nepal, Emergency contact person Details, Close Contact person details, Family Details, Travel History(Past 20 Days), Current Residence Country Details, Quarantine Details, Health information, and self-declaration.

All information should be correct. Red marked headings in the Form are compulsory to Fill.

once you fill up all this information check self-declaration and Save. submit your application after submitting the system automatically generates a Barcode and displays it. Keep a photo of the code or print it.

The barcode will be checked at Tribhuvan International Airport. That is only proof of Your CMMC registration.

The barcode will also be included at the bottom of the downloaded form

CCMC Departure Form

Sample of International Online Departure CCMC Form

Screenshot 133
How to Fill CCMC Form

You need to fill this form during the time of Departure from Nepal. To fill this CCMC form.

You have to go to the CCMC Nepal Offical site and click on the international departure form you have to fill in your Departure Date, Name and Surname, SEX, Date of Birth, passport or citizenship no, District address while staying in Nepal, contact details in Nepal, parents/spouse contact details, traveling country name, the reason for traveling, health information and check the self-declaration, Red marked field in the form is mandatory it’s better to fill every detail.

Once you click on save after putting the information in the form you will be redirected to another page where the barcode displays you can keep a screenshot of that code or print it.

The barcode will also be included at the bottom of the downloaded form

Domestic Online Entry Form

Sample of Domestic online Entry CCMC Form

Screenshot 135
How to fill CCMC Form

You need to fill this CCMC form during Domestic travel in Nepal. After reaching to CCMC Nepal official Website you have to click the Domestic online Entry form. You have to fill in your Name, Surname, Origin Airport, Destination Airport, Date of Travel, Nationality, passport or citizenship number, Destination Details, Health status and check self-declaration. All the red marks are mandatory to fill it’s better to complete all details once you click on Save you will be redirected to another page where your barcode displays once you get the code take a screenshot or print it

You can also fill CCMC form at the airport Airlines counter. It’s better to consult with respective airlines during the time of domestic travel

What is CCMC in Nepal?

As per the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal dated 2076/12/16, the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center – Operation (CCMC) committee for the response against Covid-19 was established. The Center will coordinate response against Corona Virus through civil, security agencies and all concerned agencies at central, provincial, and local levels.

What is Full Form of CCMC

The full Form of CCMC is COVID-19 Crisis Management Center

How to Fill CCMC Form Video in Nepali

You can check this video. Video is in the Nepali Language.

How to Fill CCMC Form video

How to Fill CCMC Form

In the above video, the How to Fill CCMC Form video tutorial is given in the Nepali Language. If you are familiar with the Nepali Language you can check this video. If you don’t understand Nepalese language then you can go through this article to learn How to Fill CCMC Form

Board Members of COVID 19 Crisis Management Center

Board Members of CCMC COVID 19 Crisis Management Center is given in the image below:

How to Fill CCMC Form
Board Members How to Fill CCMC Form

The Board members of CCMC are HOC Lt.Gen. Balananda Sharma(Regd), Ministry of Health and population Dr.Dipendra Raman Singh, Nepali Army Maj.Gen.Ananta Karki, Nepal police AIGP Bishworaj Pokhrel, Armed Police Force AIG Ram Sharan Poudel, Ministry of Home Affairs Joint Secretary Nurhari Khatiwada, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply Joint Secretary Krishnahari Puskar.

Work of CCMC in Nepal

CCMC in Nepal is working on Different Sector some of the sectors where CCMC is working are Listed Below

  • Public awareness and information management
  • Treatment management and health infrastructure expansion
  • Formation and operation of quick response team and emergency transportation and rescue
  • Managment of Patient Receving Team(PRT)
  • Dead Body Managment
  • Provision and security of health manpower, infrastructure, and material
  • Management and operation of Covid-19 fund
  • Research and suggestions
  • Prohibition order implementation
  • Travelers movemment management by land and air
  • Provision of testing quarantine, and isolation
  • Regulation of supply and travel of essential goods during prohibition orders
  • Monitoring, management and penalties and rewards
  • Covid-19 Construction of structures for prevention, control and treatment

Covid 19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) Contact

Address: Kathmandu Nepal



CCMC Hunting Line:1140


Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has published the International Flight Schedule for winter 2021 to 2022.

How to Fill CCMC Form

previously CCMC form was not required to fill but after the Covid 19 pandemic all travelers should strictly fill up CCMC form. CCMC puts the traveler’s details for contact tracing. If any passengers are found COVID 19 the other passengers who are in contact can be Kept in quarantine which can control the Spread of Corona Virus

How to fill CCMC form